Socio-economic research

Socio-economic research
  • Conducting research on economic and social issues;
  • Value-chain analysis of the sector;
  • Conducting research on regional development diagnostics and planning;
  • Preparation of analytical materials and statistical reports.

What we analyze:

Analysis of social well-being of the population and separate groups (entrepreneurs, budgeters, representatives of various spheres of activity, youth, socially vulnerable categories, etc.)

Evaluation of the activities of the bodies of state power and local self-government.

State and municipal consulting. Increasing the effectiveness of the work of state authorities and local self-government.

Socio-economic development of regions: problem areas, prospects and development priorities. Territorial branding.

Research of social problems and development of solutions: problems of demography, problems of social sphere (education, medicine, social protection, culture), problems of economic sphere (entrepreneurship, state economy), problems of youth, problems of ecology;

Research of socio-economic and political spheres of the region. Development of regional development strategies.

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